Dean, Monica & Monty Sketcher

The story so far…..

dean and monty sketcher

On Tuesday 7th March 2017, Monica arrived home from work to find that Dean had suffered a stroke as a result of a large blood clot.  Monty was with him at the time and was able to tell mum Monica a little about what had happened.

What followed next – ambulance, helicopter to Melbourne, bags packed and a life moved (temporarily) to the big smoke.  Many people stepped up to help and support them and for this they are incredibly grateful.

Nearly a month on the prognosis is much better than we could have imagined then.  However there is still a lot of work to be done (go Dean!) and the best place for the Sketcher family right now is to be based in Melbourne whilst Dean is undergoing rehab.  Fortunately they have a house to live in but it needs some maintenance.  Monica has taken leave from work however there isn’t a definite timeline for how long things are going to take.

Rather than set up a fundraiser via an external page (which all take a percentage of monies raised), we have bank details for a separate account where you can transfer any donations directly.  This money will all go to assist the Sketcher family.

Big thank-yous to everyone who has already helped – via text messages and emails, food preparation, moving furniture and belongings, supplying a place to stay in Melbourne ….. the list is endless.  You know who you are – thank you.

Bank Details for Donations

Monica Sketcher
Victorian Teachers Mutual Bank
BSB : 704 191
Account Number :185207