Leverage the power of social media for your brand. What is unique about your business and how will you share it with the world?  It’s not about making more “noise” in the digital world – let’s add to the conversation.

Talk to YOUR customers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or anywhere else in the digital space – or  risk losing them to competitors who are already actively engaging online.

That’s where Walker Events can help.

Whether you need someone to hold your hand whilst you take your first steps into the abyss or you would prefer to just hand ball the whole kit and kaboodle because it appears to be too hard – Walker Events can be the solution.

  • Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / You Tube
  • Mailchimp / marketing newsletters
  • Strategy and marketing plans
  • Planning and implementation

Need something more than “just” a social media plan or marketing assistance?  

We know ALL of the right people who can help you with webpage design and hosting, product photography and a range of other needs. Just ask.

let us help you with your online consulting needs

Content Creation

Need help with your online world?  Perhaps your webpage content needs updating and you just don’t have time?  We do!  Experienced in a variety of different platforms, we can set you in the right direction or do it for you.

Social Media

Social what?  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest … we can help you navigate them all. Like to learn how to do it all yourself? Setting up a strategy and plan, creating a calendar … that’s what we do!


The planning is the hard part.  That’s where we can help – by giving you the tools to continue, everything becomes a little bit easier.  Having a strategy play book makes everything else so much easier.

Some of the businesses that we have already helped with their digital marketing needs ….

It is fair to say that our business was dragged kicking and screaming into the age of social media, where our previous experience was someone finding a mars bar at the back of their pantry and wanting to share it (the news, not the mars bar) with the world. Under Allison Walker’s mentoring, our facebook, twitter and linked-in accounts were setup and linked together. A Mailchimp account was created and regular email newsletters are now generated from it. A blog was created on our website and its entries are automatically replicated across all of our social networking pages. Having tutored us to the stage where we could take off the training wheels, Allison still keeps a guiding eye over us putting up posts in our name whenever we have left it little too long since our last post. In less than a year, thanks to Allison’s direction and encouragement, our posts are regularly read by over 1000, especially people from areas we wish to market our business in, including the international market. Allison’s help in this area has been essential in us engaging a younger and more net-savy clientele, in a way our previous website and traditional advertising was unable to do. After all, on the internet nobody knows how old you really are…unless you can spell.

Accommodation Business

I was trying to wade through the labyrinth of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and feeling extremely out of depth, frustrated and pathetic, when Alli stopped by my workplace (shop).  Sensing my frustration, Alli asked if there was anything she could help me with, I immediately told her of my attempts to build my business using this ‘social media’ stuff. Alli generously gave me a healthy dose of her time and expertise and within a very short period of time I felt confident enough to start posting.  That evening Alli followed up this impromptu session with an email filled with information she had shared with me during her session with me reiterating what she had taught me.

Retail Shop